A review by bibliophilecrocodile
Almost Damned by Christopher Leibig


I couldn't read this fast enough!

Almost Damned is a sequel of award winning Almost Mortal, a legal thriller with supernatural elements (!!) written by a criminal defense lawyer!

After completing Almost Mortal, I couldn't wait to pick up Almost Damned. I thought it might be hard to top the first book but Wow! with an even more complex story line but easy to follow writing and more mysterious cases and clients who were not so alive as dead, this book definitely topped its prequel. Even though its part of a duology, it can be read as a stand alone but reading the first book will give you a deeper insight into the story.

The story connects with the first story as the clients are interlinked and because of that there were many characters.
An old client rising from the dead, along with Sam getting death threats and mysterious invitations, it's a total thrill ride!
Sam defends his mortal clients as well as immortals and fallen angels too, like how cool is that!

Pick up Almost Damned to see how well fallen angels and legal thrillers go along. The mystery aspect will keep you on the edge of the seat the whole time! Loved it.