A review by esperata
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor, Vol. 1: After Life, by Warren Pleece, Wellinton Alves, Triona Farrell, Klebs Junior, Caspar Wijngaard, Alice Zhang, Alex Paknadel, Claudia Caranfa, Leandro Casco, James Peaty, Boo Cook, Wellington Dias, George Mann, Al Ewing, Nick Abadzis, Robbie Morrison, Blair Shedd, Marcio Menyz, I.N.J. Culbard, Rachael Smith, Hi-Fi, Claudia Iannicello, Josh Burns, Rob Williams, Simon Fraser, Dave Taylor, Simon Myers, Simon Spurrier, Gary Caldwell


I didn't always like the artwork style but there were good ideas and themes here, especially on the nature of the Doctor's companions. However, being a library assistant myself, I loved the new companion's attitude. Particularly her constant correcting of the Doctor when he called her a librarian.