A review by adityasundar
Welcome Descent by Cam Wolfe


In Welcome Descent, we're given what is promised: a deep dive into the mental confines of a very depraved man steeped in more sins than virtue. I enjoyed the gore elements of the story, but the kind of horror I like is rooted more in dread than gore, so it wasn’t particularly scary for me.

I did find some parts tedious to get through, especially the moments alone with Joe/Joseph. I found myself skimming through paragraphs at times to skip winded descriptions. But I appreciated the intent behind those scenes.

The crux of Joe's guilt trip was fairly straightforward, although I liked that it was revealed in bits and pieces. Again, the writing could've been tighter, especially once it became fairly clear what he was dealing with. The resolution between him and his son was sort of tied-up, which felt a bit rushed and unrealistic, but after a book-long journey of bleak and gloom, perhaps a half-happy ending was quite deserving for the characters.

Overall, a pretty fair story, which could've used some more editing to trim down the words and prose style.