A review by mrfrank
A Penny For Your Thoughts: (The Lowback Series - Book 1) by Robert Ford, Matt Hayward


Robert Ford and Matt Hayward take the adage, "Be careful what you wish for," and twist it into, "Be careful what someone else has wished for." Thus the premise for A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS goes. This is a killer angle for an eerie horror tale and is executed beautifully by two skilled writers.

The opening chapters grab you and pull you into the backwoods Pennsylvania town of Lowback and drag you through the seedier parts that exists just out of view from the everyday townsfolk. That's where the dark and excitement collide. The story twists and turns as it tries to find the dark answers to darker questions. The plot always has you on your toes and gets darker and more supernatural as you go. The ending is a near gut-punch that caps the whole story off the only way it could be told.

Oh! Also, the paperback is honest-to-goodness mass market size so you can stick it in your back pocket and keep it close to your sexy ass at all times!

This is a no-brainer of a book considering Robert Ford and Matt Hayward are a logical dream team. You get the exact type of classic horror you would expect to read from these two talented writers. What they have left in their wake is an unforgettable town that seemingly has more tales to give up. Let's hope Ford and Hayward visit Lowback again real soon.