A review by moamoller
Master & Apprentice by Claudia Gray


this was so so so good! i was a bit taken aback for the first third of the book. mainly because this was far from what i expected it to be. as i read more i got more and more invested. it was really right up my alley. very jedi-y, if that makes sense. understanding oneself and acknowledging weaknesses and whatnot. pretty heavy on the politics. i did not think it'd be so heavily centered around qui-gon jinn but i am not complaining. the book provided a lot of new insight into why he was the way he was in phantom menace and it was a delight! i officially love the man! the prophesies and the backstory of how he developed an interest for it was super interesting. especially in contrast with how obi-wan felt about it. obi-wan and qui-gon's arc together was so bittersweet. i like how they still were really different and didn't fully understand eachother at the end. it made them feel very real and almost tangible. 

it actually felt pretty (heavy on the pretty, i wouldn't go as far to actually call this complex fr) morally complex too, like there was obviously stuff in the story that felt inherently "bad", but there were no simple solution to it. i'll always love when the "good guys" are questioned, the corruption of the jedi order is a very interesting subject and i love how gray dealt with it. like obviously we sympathise with qui-gon, but it is not easy to tell if his way 100% is the only right way, as he is unsure about it himself!