A review by alexkhlopenko
This Dreaming Isle, by Gareth E. Rees, Catriona Ward, Richard V. Hirst, Angela Readman, Jeanette Ng, Alison Littlewood, Robert Shearman, Alison Moore, Gary Budden, Stephen Volk, Aliya Whiteley, Ramsey Campbell, Andrew Michael Hurley, James Miller, Jenn Ashworth, Dan Coxon, Tim Lebbon, Kirsty Logan


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This Dreaming Isle opens with “Something strange is happening on British shores” but what it washes up is the horrors of the Brexit Britain.

It is a collection for the age when Boris Johnson can be a PM and the world sees the UK divided into two distinct parts – one living in delusions of a great Empire that was never really anything that great, to begin with, and the suicidal attempt to restore it, and the other part – hostages to the other part’s insanity.

This Dreaming isle presents itself as a thematical anthology to celebrate the richness of the British folk horror, and thus an exhibition of what people there are afraid of. To show their true nature, to accept their weaknesses, inability to come to terms with the past and the uncertainty of the future. While universal, the Britishness significantly multiplies each issue while trying not to make too much out of it.