A review by itsmedougbert
Invasion of the Body Snatchers, by Jack Finney


Invasion of the Body Snatchers is one of those rare cases where the movie is better than the book. In this case, infinitely better. While the 1956 film adheres closely to the overall plot of the novel, it cleans it up, removing scenes that simply make no sense. In particular, the chapters in the middle of the book where the four main characters flee the town in fear for their lives, but then inexplicably decide to return the next day, after spending the night in an anonymous hotel, don’t make it into the film.

Jack Finney came up with an intriguing story but his execution of it was less than stellar. Character’s motivations aren’t always clear and the ending is tied up too neatly for my liking. I give it 3 stars simply because it has spawned 2 movies that I’m a big fan of (the 1956 film and its 1978 remake). If that hadn’t been the case, I’d probably have given it a 2.