A review by yeonlibrary
The Iron Trial, by Holly Black, Cassandra Clare



After so many years of pushing this novel to the side just because I had other things to read, I finally decided to pick it up on a random night while scrolling through Overdrive. The description for The Iron Trial caught my eye when it was first released, however, I never got around to picking it because I had so many other things to read at the time.

The Iron Trial is a Middle-Grade/Fantasy with a little bit of Young Adult added to it, so it pretty much has a little bit of everything, especially the adventure the characters go on, which is what made this novel a whole lot of fun, in my opinion.

I'm usually not the type to pick up books in the Middle-Grade genre because most of the time I end up not liking it, but with The Iron Trial it was different. I found myself not wanting to turn the audio book off  at all. I wanted to know what happened when one chapter ended and the other one began. This one definitely had me up late in the night and not in a bad way. I was just hooked. 

Towards the end of the book, we got a plot twist that I pretty much saw coming, but it still shocked me when the scene came.

Lastly, with how The Iron Trial ended, I am definitely picking the rest of the series up in the future via audio books because I truly enjoyed the first novel.