A review by jamiebythebook
Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn


After I finished Middlesex (and the whole time I was reading it) I was craving a novel that I could just completely zip through. The day after I finished I decided to pick up (off my bookshelf) Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I soared through Gone Girl in the fall of 2012 and figured this book would be a good place to start.

It’s nasty. Deeply nasty and deeply twisted. And I don’t mean nasty like “ewwwaAAHhh grossss” but nasty like painful, and harmful, and physically unpleasant. Because I read Gone Girl I knew to expect something like that, but I was really surprised by this book. I loved how Flynn wrote a novel where all of the main characters are cruel women. Cruel women reacting to abuse, circumstance, scandal, alcoholism, parenthood, small town gossip… just vicious characters. As much as I tried to like the main character, I just couldn’t bring myself to. I don’t think I liked a single character in this (maybe Curry), but they were all incredibly thrilling and interesting.

Nothing in this book feels good, but it is gripping. So much alcohol, so many drugs, so many weird, messed up adolescent relationships, sex as a tool, pain and violence as power demonstrations, sickening family relationships. Nothing felt good. And of course, no happy ending.

Ya did it again, Gill! Loved it. Sort of couldn’t sleep after I finished it. Definitely can’t stop thinking about it.