A review by glecharles
The Intelligence Illusion by Baldur Bjarnason

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"We should be using these innovations to do better, not to do bad things faster."

When it comes to the current hype surrounding AGI and LLMs, whether you're a true skeptic (like me) or a true believer, The Intelligence Illusion is a splash of lemon juice in the greasy pool of incredulous media coverage. Accessible for anyone who's spent more than 15 minutes with a clueless executive or myopic developer (or, frankly, engaged with any of the technological "disruptions" of the past two decades), Bjarnason rigorously unpacks the many risks involved with the most popular use cases being promoted by unscrupulous executives. He brings plenty of receipts to support his observations, too, while also spotlighting areas where this technology might have legitimate potential for good. Highly recommended!

PS: The images throughout do an amazing job of subtly reinforcing the book's title and premise and would be worthy of a print edition.