A review by hnagle15
The Upside of Unrequited, by Becky Albertalli


Ehhh I feel bad because everyone seems to love this and I didn't? Did I miss something?
**Should note I'm also not the biggest fan of YA contemporary but read this due to all the hype.

First of all, A+ for representation that was natural and well done. Sometimes I feel like authors throw in an Asian friend to say they did, but the many characters in this book didn't feel thrown together just for the sake of it.

I also found Molly's anxiety to be really realistic, especially when considering my own. The way she obsessed over what many would call "minor details" was really accurate in portraying how big they feel to the person contemplating them.

I didn't really enjoy the multitude of pop-culture references, mostly because I think they don't age well. For example, many people criticize the amount of 80's references in Ready Player One and I worry the same will happen with this.

I also found the characters difficult to connect with, while Molly's anxiety mirrors my own - that's where the connection ended.