A review by brucethegirl
House of Hollow, by Krystal Sutherland


When the Hollow girls were children, they disappeared without a trace for days. When they returned, no memory of where they'd been, identical crescent scars on their necks, and overall healthy if naked it was seen as a miracle. Until their father became convinced they were not his daughters before ending his own life. Now, a decade later, the oldest Hollow girl is missing, and in her wake are horrific clues and a man without a face. 

This book was so creepy and etherial. I loved the way that I kept denying what I knew was the truth even as every new scene confirmed what I knew to be true. What this book is really about is not clear at first. I've seen a number of reviews that do well to avoid talking about the actual story at its heart, and so I was surprised when I immediately recognized this for what it was: a folk horror. This is a changeling story and a much more well-done  than some others I've read this year. I won't give anything else away, but there is gore, and there are horror elements. Some of which even I was shocked as they unraveled what really happened to the girls.

As for the characters themselves, I loved them, I loved their relationships with each other, I loved how they each found their own ways in the world. The youngest refusing to schism from their family the way her sisters had, the way the oldest embraced the absurdity of the world's fascination with her by almost scamming them with her couture fashion. I also loved the way Iris slowly challenged the long standing tradition of always following her oldest sister's way. She slowly comes into her own over the course of the story, and I loved that for her. Even until the very last page, she is discovering herself. I've never seen a more believable and apt portrayal of a teen maturing and standing for herself. Even with just setting healthy boundaries with her mother. It was great to read and see represented. 

I loved each and every character, even when they proved themselves to be morally unsound. I loved this book so much, and can't wait to read more by this author.