A review by techielibgrl
Flight of the Puffin, by Ann Braden


This book is fantastic. It gave me so many feelings. The first character we are introduced to comes from a family of bullies and she seen as a bully in her school even though that is not the identity that she wants. Kids who have been pigeon-holed into being what their older siblings/parents were like in school will really identify. It really highlights how important it is to take each student for themselves not the family they come from. The book is a loose collection of stories that lightly connect (but not neatly) in the journey of a homeless man, bullied student, activist, and a bully who really does not want to be a bully. The bully actually starts writing inspirational messages and leaves them around her town. I do not want to give it away but these message impact all of their lives in unexpected ways. It really is a book that everyone should read.

From the synopsis that really gives good insight into the book: Four kids. Four different lives. And then… one card with a message of hope takes flight and starts a chain reaction, helping each kid summon the thing they need, whether it’s bravery, empathy, or understanding.