A review by librariangeorgia
Murder Most Royal by S.J. Bennett

adventurous lighthearted mysterious medium-paced


I enjoyed this book. With the recent death of the Queen, it did make me wonder if this series would be continuing, though I have to say that I do think she had a good sense of humour that she would approve of this series.

I just love the idea of the Queen running the country but also solving murders on the side - though, of course she couldn't be known to be an amateur sleuth, she has to pass on 'clues' to the actual investigators to help them figure out the case.

With it being a lighthearted murder mystery, the killer is kinda obvious, but the journey to the reveal is very enjoyable.

After finishing this book, I do think that I may be getting bored of this series now, which is a shame because I absolutely love the concept!

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