A review by ksun427
The Selection, by Kiera Cass


The book is about 16 year old, America Singer who lives in what use to be the United States. Here, people are divided into castes with 1 being the best and 8 being the worst. You can move up or down the system. America is a 5, in the bottom half of the system.

America is in love with a 6 but it has to be kept secret because even though you are able to move down, it is frowned upon and America's mom desperately wants her to move up.

The prince of the country is ready to marry and must use a system called the selection to pick a wife. Girls between 16-19 can send in an app and it gets widdle down to 35 girls.

America only signs up at the urging of her secret boyfriend, Aspen. She does it only because she doesn't think she will be picked. Aspen breaks up with her because of his caste.

She ends up being picked and ends up getting close to the prince, learning there is more going with the rebel groups than the government is letting on.

Aspen ends up being a palace guard and they briefly rekindle. However, after reaching the top 6, she breaks up with him to see The Selection and her relationship through.

It was a good read and intriguing enough for me to continue to read. I find America to be a great role model for the young adult audience. I also like how that the author opted not to have the traditional love triangle that happens way to often in books.