A review by skyeangei
The Bromance Book Club, by Lyssa Kay Adams


4 Stars.

Marriage-in-crisis tropes always have me wrapped around their finger. This one was no exception.

First of all shoutout to the boys who make up this bromance book club cuz their hilarious banter put my moody ass in such a good mood. Especially the Russian. Thank you for making me laugh with your lactose intolerant status.

Gavin and Thea were also amazing. Some hurtful words were definitely thrown at each other, hence, the crisis part of their marriage, but they stood by each other when it really mattered.

Although I really enjoyed this book, I'm withholding that last star because I never really felt the emotions between Gavin and Thea. I didn't feel the sting of tears in my throat when shit was going sideways. I didn't feel the thrill of excitement when shit was looking up. It just lacked that extra razzle dazzle. Also I have absolutely no idea what Gavin's grand gesture was intended to do. Skip this next sentence if you don't want that spoiler!! But crashing her dad's wedding ?¿ help I am confusion.

Other than that, this book was great for killing some time and it put a smile on my face too so there we go.