A review by nzlisam
Behind Her Eyes, by Sarah Pinborough


Not strictly Psychological Suspense...

Yes there was plenty of it, but there’s also (for lack of a better term) a paranormal aspect to the story, that some readers might not enjoy, and I’m not sure it fits with the genre it was advertised as, since elements of the plot are outside the realm of possibility. I think the problem is that the first half of the novel reads like a regular mystery/crime novel, and even when surreal things to start to happen, you still expect there to be a logical explanation by the end. Is there such a thing as Sci-fi psychological suspense?

Having said that, the ending was still cleverly creepy and disturbing, I would never have predicted it in a million years, and I haven’t been able to get said ending out of my head since finishing the book, so my final score is 4 stars, but I preferred her previous novel, ‘13 Minutes’.