A review by mumay
Blackmail Boyfriend by Chris Cannon


I thought I was going to at least like this book if not love it and while I kept going back and forth on it I ended up not liking this book overall. I just didn't like the main character Haley and I didn't connect with there chemistry. As I always like to pick something good out of everything I will list what I liked and what didn't below.

The Good:
I liked the secondary characters Jane and Nathan and thought there chemistry was cute and easy to believe.

I liked Bryce the male lead and found his life believable. I found Bryce struggle with the expectation from his family and life to feel authentic .

I loved Haley's family Dynamics her brothers are funny, her dad sweet and understanding, her mom a little crazy and over protective my mom was also terrified I'd repeat her mistake and went a little over the deep end so VERY relatable.

I liked the moments of jealousy it's the only thing that made me at all believe maybe Bryce had feelings for Haley.

The Bad
Haley wasnt necessarily the most likely character she is wishy washy and a little needy. She was supposed to be a smart girl but acted dumb (I hate that)

I felt there was no real developed chemistry between the two but all of a sudden they made out. it obviously Haley is attracted to and likes Bryce but you go the whole book wondering if he even likes her at all because non of the writing really shows that then she's the one bam just like that.

She is also supposed to be middle class but the way the book describes it is she is poor. I have been both middle class and poor and she is not dirt poor in anyway but definitely not middle class. it doesn't matter too much but kinda bugged me the kept stressing she wasn't poor and was middle class but then made it we're she doesn't have a cellphone cuz they can't afford it and can only shop at the good will. Her friend Jane was better fit with being middle class.