A review by krishmys
Inferno, by Dan Brown


Ok, so I have read all the six books from Dan Brown (pat on the back) but I think it is high time he stops with Robert Langdon!

I mean, I would definitely read more of RL but please make it stop, enough is enough, he goes somewhere, he is dilemma, he gets a girl (always) and they go doing Sherlock and Dr Watson. They feel for each other but they can't be together (Always the same) and so on and so forth.
And if you are planning to read a Guide book about Italy, Florence and Venice along with some RL adventure this book is point accurate perfect.

I mean come on, why the hell RL is always lost in thoughts explaining to himself all the effing building and monuments and what not's. Skim the book dude, please it is too much to grasp.
We know the building is there but why you go to specifics which happens nothing to do with the current plot??!!

All in all a good interesting book with repetitive scenarios, I wanted to read it before the Movie so just did it, and this time it was a bit slow read, due to all the guide book things.

and please be last!!!