A review by nic_liu
Ignite Me, by Tahereh Mafi


Well, I have to say I enjoyed reading it. But the reason why I'm not giving 5 stars is because I didn't like the ending of this book.


It bugs me how they manage to win so easily. I mean, the series built such a powerful image of the supreme commander and how it was nearly impossible to defeat him after The Reestablishment destroyed Omega Point. I expected a big fight, I expected them to fight till their last breath and use all their strength but noooo. They really didn't need anyone except for Juliette, she's bulletproof, barely broke a sweat getting to the supreme commander and shooting him in the head right after crushing his new weapon (a blond guy with special gifts just like the Omega group) with her bare hands. It was just too fast, too easy.

I really like how the author developed Juliette X Warner. Thank goodness she ended up with him, otherwise I'd throw the book out of the window.
The moments between Juliette and Kenji were the sweetest, I love their friendship, it's fun and light when it needs to be, but also serious.
I felt bad for Adam, even though he pissed me off 90% of the time because he was completely different from the guy I'd read and liked in the first book. But by the end of the book he didn't have anyone by his side. Not the way Warner had Juliette. And I felt like his character was just ignored and thrown away, it just wasn't fair. I'm not complaining about Juliette choosing Warner, obviously, but still, he was just left off.

Overall, the book was great and I do recommend it for those who love intense romance.