A review by quirkycatsfatstacks
Shuri (2018-) #1 by Nnedi Okorafor


It feels like an eternity that we’ve been waiting for the Shuri series to drop…but realistically it’s only been eight months at most. I mean, Black Panther came out THIS YEAR. Seriously. That’s how long this year has been.
Anyway. Moving on. The cover for Shuri is absolutely fantastic. It catches your eyes right away, so even if you weren’t counting down the days for its release it’s unlikely that you would have missed it. The artwork inside is different from the cover. It’s sort of retro, but it also feels like it has an African influence to the colors and style, so it fits in well.
The issue took the time to explain some of the events that Shuri has gone through in comic books previously. This is really helpful, as I know I didn’t think to track down all that information down beforehand, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
I’ll admit that the series isn’t quite what I expected…but I still adored it. I liked their way of explaining why Shuri has had to do certain things (trying not to flat out spoil one of the plots here) while still having fun with her character. More than that though, I love that they kept the events and ties to the other Wakandan series that happened recently. That was both bold and smart (and it may get people to go back and read that so they have a better grasp of the material).
I’ll be curious to see where this series will go, and how long certain events will be in place. Can’t wait for the next issue!