A review by captwinghead
Birds of Prey, Vol. 4: Sensei and Student, by Mike Manley, Gail Simone, Ruy Jose, Scott Hanna, Joe Bennett, Ed Benes, Michael Golden, Alex Lei, Cliff Richards


4.5 stars.

I adored this volume as well! I can't seem to read these in order but you really don't have to. There were maybe one or two lines about prior stories but I didn't feel lost reading this arc.

There's something about Gail Simone's Birds of Prey that puts it above the Dixon run in my eyes. There's such a great feeling of sisterhood and I just love the way the women all relate to each other. There are so many great, complex relationships and everyone has their own strengths.

I adore her Dinah Lance! She is a kick ass, honorable, kind character. I love seeing her interact with Shiva, Babs and Helena. I kind of ship it, not gonna lie. Her relationship with Shiva is built on mutual respect of the other's skills and Shiva, who doesn't have a lot of regard for anyone, cares about Dinah. Her relationship with Babs is built on trust and love and Babs calls her out when she's being unfair. Her relationship with Helena is built on a thin form of loyalty based on the fact that they've saved each other a few times. It's growing and I can't wait to see where it goes.

The plot was slightly confusing but even so, I was never bored. The flashback to the first Black Canary was so cool to see! Normally I hate flashbacks but this was so well done and Dinah was fascinating! I would honestly read a book about her as well.

I loved the cameos from Cass and Diana! Simone fits in as many female characters as she can manage and it's much appreciated.

I love Babs the most as Oracle and this is the Babs I fell for! She is kick ass, independent and brilliant as ever. She saves herself and Simone just gets her the way no recent run of Batgirl seems to. This is the Babs I love and the recent run of Batgirl and the Birds of Prey just makes me sad. I want this Babs back!!

Anyway, if you can find this run, read it! It was hard to find these volumes but I managed to find them at my local comic shop. This is my all time favorite run of the Birds of Prey.