A review by jimbowen0306
At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels of Terror, by August Derleth, H.P. Lovecraft


I turned to Lovecraft because I read some where that Stephen King (an author I enjoy) liked them/used them as inspiration. I can certainly see why King was drawn to them (or more accurately, elements here had echoes/ripples in King's work), it's just they sometimes felt... underdeveloped. I'd have liked to see these novellas turned into longer works that had a more developed stores, and were fully developed novels in their own right.

You know when you had to write an essay under exam conditions at school, you sometimes run out of time, and end up saying the main character woke up and found it had all been a dream? Well in some of these stories, it felt like Lovecraft ran out of steam, and ended up writing "Well we bricked up the holes, and went on with our lives, but some of us had nightmares." For much the same reason. This problem was less acute here, but in his shorter stories, it was a pretty common occurrence, so if you were to read any Lovecraft collection, this might be as good as any.