A review by kaisharyislam
Everything I Know About Love: A Memoir, by Dolly Alderton

funny lighthearted medium-paced


There are two kinds of feelings this book evoked in me and both are questionable.

1. If you ever have watched any reality dating show on Netflix like 'Too Hot to Handle' or 'Love Island' you'd be aware of the kind of addictive ridiculosity they have that possesses you to sit through every minute of it, guffawing at the absurdity. This is what it felt like reading this book. Dolly literally passed through one of the most comically senseless twenties that is not only unrelatable but could be afforded by only a privileged few. How this is a memoir worth publishing, is beyond me. 

2. As I was reading this book, everything she wrote felt like an amalgamation of the 'IT GIRL' reels you mindlessly consume from your doom scroll at 3 am. I swear, nothing this woman was bringing was new or original to the table. It almost felt like I was using my big brain cells for small brain cell tasks and that is not a good feeling girlie. And then, I found this line;

“Nearly everything I know about love, I've learnt from my long-term friendships with women.”

AND I KNEW IT, YOU PROBABLY KNOW IT TOO. IT IS A  REEL IN A BOOK. I admit it's a beautiful reel that I have sent to all my girls BUT IT'S THE REEL. Dude, I have such big brain cells for what omg? I knew I was reading a reel book BECAUSE IT IS THE REEL BOOK.

My concluding remarks: White women's memoirs are best kept for solely entertainment purposes and nothing more. And if that makes my opinion questionable, be it. Thanks.