A review by nancidrum
Just Us: An American Conversation, by Claudia Rankine


This is the third book already this year that I've read about black culture, history, or current day culture. The style of writing was very unique and I think it served the purpose well. I read it all in one sitting; it was page-turning. I wish I could give it more than 3 stars, although from my rating perspective that's better than average. I was just looking for more than what I found, even though I did find some interesting statistics and ideas to frame things differently. I felt validated when Claudia spoke about the statement so many people use "I don't see color." That is such a rude comment to me, although I know the white people saying it (I've never heard a person of color say it) are trying to sound non-racist. I always ask them, "What are you talking about? Of course you see people's color. Would you say, "I don't see a wheelchair when I look at a person in one, or I don't see a tall person when someone is 6'10?" I really liked the way Claudia dealt with that statement along with "white man privilege". I would be interested in reading her book, Citizen, to get to know her more as a writer.