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Tides, by Patricia Morais

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This is the first book I have read by Patricia Morais, and I know it's a sort of introduction to the world of her other books..
Knowing that, I can appreciate how easy it was to get sucked into this book. It was quick, with the right amount of relatability and supernatural elements to keep you hooked and wanting to get onto the rest of the series.
Her style of describing the supernatural creatures was very appealing to me as well.. even if it was short-lived due to the length of the book.
I love TV shows like Supernatural and this book's setting reminded me of that feel.. great characters, family drama and otherworldly shenanigans.
It was a super fun and quick read.. I would recommend it for those who want something qui 
Pack Darling - Part Two, by Lola Rock

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adventurous challenging dark emotional


Pack Darling - Part One, by Lola Rock

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challenging dark emotional tense


Bad Intentions, by Ella Frank

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emotional funny hopeful lighthearted


INAUSPICIOUS, by R.L.K. Eastabrooks

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challenging emotional hopeful reflective


 This isn't an easy read, and at the same time it is. Learning about different cultures, ways of life, traditions and whether they seem archaic and completely against what we believe is sane; it's the beauty of reading.

Through this book we travel to India, the setting and feel of it. It's amazingly well done.. it's almost as if you could smell the spices and hear the boisterous sounds of the bazaar... However, we can also experience the hardships and choke hold that traditions can put on a person.

This is a journey of self discovery, of losing the ability to trust and learning to do so again in spite of the hurt it might cause; of finding the strength within you and the resilience to strive for what you want.

it's beautifully told.. with the lives of our two main characters differing and colliding with each other perfectly..

As I said, it's not an easy read for all the message it carries and for the array of emotions it will touch on the reader, regardless of background..

A truly amazing read.