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Blade by Marc Guggenheim: The Complete Collection by

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Wow,okay. I really fought with this one. It’s honestly a shame because this was on its way to being a 4 star read. I loved the first 6 issues. Marc does a great job making each issue feel it’s own while still adding to the overall arc of the story. That is until we get to the other half of book. I was in no way interested in the whole part of the story with Blades dad. The ending was so anticlimactic. The last 6 issues just felt so dull and sucked out of any of the good that the first 6 had. From the jump I was not a fan of the artwork from Chaykin. I actually think it’s bad. But the writing was just so capturing, it didn’t really bother me. Then we get towards the end and the writing is bleh and it just makes the art worse. I almost wish the artwork was a bit ‘darker’ to make the tone a little bit more horror-esque. The tone of the book wasn’t necessarily horror but I think with better artwork it would’ve helped. The cover artist, Marko Djurdjevic would’ve been perfect. This book should probably be a 2 star just cause of how bad the ending was but out of respect of issue 1-6, I gotta give it the extra star.
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Vol. 1: BFF by Brandon Montclare, Amy Reeder

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I’ve heard mixed things about this book. So I decided to finally take a try. I’m a fan of the art however the story just isn’t for me. I don’t think it’s terrible and I get the concept. But it just falls short for me. It felt very kiddish and maybe that’s the point. I didn’t really like how Lunella is supposed to be this super smart person and that’s her whole thing but she really doesn’t seem that smart. I’m mean yea there’s some moments where she’ll answer a question at school correctly or when she uses the gadgets that she makes. But besides that she honestly seems like a kid who is just slightly above average in intelligence. It wasn’t a terrible read, just not for me. Maybe later on I’ll take a shot at it again, seeing as it’s got multiple volumes with up to 47 issues. But for now I’m not too excited to dive back into this part of the marvel universe.