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All The Broken Places, by John Boyne

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That ending. That word.

A discussion on guilt and ethics surrounding youth and the holocaust. More complex than just a "sins of the father," but also literally sins of the father. 

And, as well - this was an interesting sideplot to add in this context, but it made the present day part so hard to read yet arguably complex in juxtaposition - can any murder be justified?
Maggie Finds Her Muse, by Dee Ernst

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"There can be no holding back for me, Maggie. I choose to love you, and you will drown in that love" (290)

Bulldog humor and saucy beginning couldn't keep consistent throughout, but that line... 😆
Running Is a Kind of Dreaming: A Memoir, by J.M. Thompson

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Beautiful metaphors, albeit at times mildly odd nonlinearity (in my opinion) that likely parallels the flow/ stream of consciousness during his run.