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Courtiers by Valentine Low

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I found it interesting at the start but turned into anti-meghan drivel, straight up saying it wasn’t racism. yeah okay, maybe in your make believe world.
Spare by Prince Harry

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emotional reflective medium-paced


(disclaimer: i have actually read this)

An enjoyable memoir, while the leaked excerpts were mostly correct, they flowed a lot more within the book. None of it seemed out of place. 

I’m not a monarchist/royalist, i firmly believe that they shouldn’t be part in a modern society. I disagree with Harry on a number of things, such as his respect for the monarchy and military. However, I do find it interesting to hear his perspective of these things, on his experience.

I know a lot of people bang on about how he left the royal family for privacy (he didn’t, he left to protect his wife and family from harassed by paps) and now he wrote a book, which is somehow hypocritical. To me it’s obvious that Harry is airing all his dirty laundry so that the tabloids can longer hold it over his head, the stories are told on his terms not some person who calls themselves a ‘royal expert’. 

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