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Long Live the Pumpkin Queen, by Shea Ernshaw

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 I personally loved this book; The Nightmare Before Christmas has been my favourite Halloween movie since I was little and I absolutely adored Sally as a kid so this was a great continuation of the movie for me.

I really liked how this was a character arc for Sally as we didn't get much of her in the movie and how she became the Pumpkin Queen. I also loved her and Jack together (hear me out; he called her wife a dozen times and I swooned every. single. one.).

This book was short and it read like a movie; I honestly could picture how it would look like in my head. The writing was a bit descriptive at times (poetically I mean) which isn't really my thing but overall, this was a great way to feed my Halloween obsession and make me wanna rewatch the movie in March! 
The Penalty Shot, by Maren Moore

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This might be one of my favourites in the whole series because there is no third-act breakup.

Honestly, this was such a cute single mom x professional hockey player book; Auden was a sweetheart, always putting her son first and I was just so excited to see her live her life for herself finally. As for Asher, he was so understanding and always there to support her and I adore him for that. Alex was the sweetest boy ever and what was happening to him for the duration of the book broke my heart, kids are menaces. But I was so happy when Asher and the boys helped him! I hated Auden's parents with all my heart; they both made me pissed every time they appeared or were mentioned but I was so glad to see her finally stand up for herself.

If you like a short no third act breakup hockey romance, then this is for you (there isn't much hockey in this book but there were references)!
Crooked Kingdom, by Leigh Bardugo

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Leigh Bardugo is going to be paying my therapist bills after this. Of course this is a five star review; this book in my opinion is a freaking masterpiece.

The character development from all the characters was immaculate; every single one of them were absolutely perfect because of their imperfections. Kaz's plans never cease to amaze me, I'm going to be thinking about them for the rest of my life. We finally got Wylan chapters and I freaking loved them so much. It was so satisfying to see both Wylan and Kaz get their revenge and Inej in the last chapter left me shook. What an absolute Queen.

Chapter 40 was so unnecessary. I cried and it's so difficult to get me to cry with books or movies or whatever. This is why the author is paying for my therapist bills. Like it wasn't enough what happened in chapter 38, she had to add that small paragraph, the one that crashed my heart and made me weep like a baby.

I was also so excited to see some old characters from the Shadow and Bone trilogy. I absolutely loved their dynamic and I also loved their interactions with the crows, especially Zoya and Kaz.

All in all this was an amazing book that I completely recommend. And even though this duology is in my opinion better than the trilogy, I would totally recommend reading it in the correct order (s&b trilogy and then soc duology) for the best experience!!
Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo

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Of course this is a five star book, I honestly didn't expect this to be anything but five stars. It was everything it was said to be and so much more.

Once I started I honestly couldn't stop reading it. It's so much different than the Shadow and Bone trilogy as it deals with a heist and not saving the world. I also loved how characters from the trilogy were mentioned in this book and how everything tied together.

I'm usually not a fan of third person pov but in this one I barely even noticed. Leigh Bardugo somehow managed to be five different people while writing this (I'm still kind of annoyed we didn't get a Wylan pov but I've been told he has a few chapters in Crooked Kingdom so we're good) and nailed each and every single one of them.

Their backstories, their thought process (especially Kaz's because when he wasn't thinking of Inej, he came up with so many backup plans I was impressed) and honestly their whole personalities were so intriguing to read.

I absolutely loved their dynamics, especially when they were all together but I also loved the little groups that they formed. I kind of got annoyed with how everyone kept underestimating Wylan which makes me so pumped to see him prove them wrong in the second book (more wrong actually because he had some killer lines in this one as well). I also can't wait to see how unhinged Kaz becomes after that ending.

I can't wait to see the characters evolve more and I'm dying to start the second book!
Sinners Consumed, by Somme Sketcher

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This book was more about the physical side of their relationship while also exploring what happened after Penny and Rafe opened up to one another and the truth was unveiled.

I really like how Penny dealt with the situation, where she didn't just give in to him because he was buying her presents and taking her on dates. She had the man grovelling for a month or so and I love her for that! As for Rafe, I loved his relationship with Rory - I found them hilarious together and I also liked that Rory didn't take his side but Penny's even without knowing the whole truth. And Angelo's words when Rafe asked him how he knew he was in love!! That man has a way with words, I had to take a minute before continuing with the book. The way Rafe broke my heart in this and then spend the last 30% of the book trying to mend it. I'm not gonna lie his actions did hurt a lot but I could also in a way understand what was going on in his head. This doesn't in any way excuse his actions but it explains them.

I really enjoyed this series and I can't wait to read Gabe's book, I'm already so intrigued to find out what happened to him and where has he gone and see him with Wren who is an absolute sweetheart! Definitely recommend this series, it's just so so good!!
Sinners Condemned, by Somme Sketcher

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Gosh, I absolutely devoured this duet!!

About this book, I really like how it focused more on how their relationship progressed and then book two was more on the physical side. Because I just loved their banter so so much. Penny was Rafe's equal in a way, she didn't just love to annoy him but she put him in his place which I think really contributed to his character development. I also really really loved the crums we got for Angelo and Rory because I just love my babies so much.

Speaking of Rory, she and the girls befriending Penny was so sweet and it didn't feel forced at all like in other books. The winner in this book though was the sexual tension because damn, those two had me squealing and giggling like a little girl and then grinning on my phone waiting for them to kiss or break.

I just loved them so much! Somme Sketcher nailed this!
The Sinful King, by Claire Contreras

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I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would!

One thing about me is that I don't really like angst and I'm a sucker for fluffy scenes in romances - meaning usually those moments are my favourite and the first ones not so much. But the author wrote some of my favourite angsty scenes ever. I loved this so so much like my heart was breaking every time they tried to be together and then remembered that they couldn't be and the Crown came in the way.

I do have to say though that I did find that final scene with the King of Austria annoying because I really hate the miscommunication trope but it wasn't enough to make me not like this book. Also, I wasn't a big fan of the first few chapters, mainly because he was being an asshole whenever he saw her because he was jealous of her and his friend but seriously, he could have just made a move and not all the nonsense he did.

As for the royal family, they seemed a bit meh to me. Like I couldn't care less about reading Aramis and Pilar's books, I forgot they even existed most of the time. As for her family and friends, I hated how they always tried to judge her. Seriously, what the hell was that? Always telling her 'I told you so' when she was CRYING about being HEARTBROKEN. I feel like she deserved waaaay better from all of them.

Overall, it was a really good royal x 'commoner' romance book that I would recommend if you like this trope! 
The Do-Over, by Lynn Painter

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This was a really cute Valentine's Day book — I haven't really settled on a rating yet but probably 3.75 stars.

Here's the thing with this one; I really enjoyed the book but I wasn't really into the first 30% of it. I found the female protagonist a bit boring and annoying but as I continued reading, I came to the conclusion that I hated the person Emilie was trying to be. Because who she really was and how she acted around Nick and the person he brought out was so much better. Emilie had such a big burden on herself and I get why she didn't want to talk about it but I'm really glad she sat down and talked with both her parents and her ex-boyfriend and I really liked how those relationships progressed.

As for Nick, while I really loved him and I really enjoyed their day together and how cute they were together, I'm still a little bit mad about how he handled the next day and basically the next month. It really annoyed me how quickly he pushed her away and some of the stuff he even said was really hurtful and I feel like he didn't grovel enough, I guess. I like the idea he had with the cake but I don't think I would have forgiven him as quickly as Emilie did.

Also one other thing about this is that the characters are high schoolers and I haven't read books where the characters are minors in quite a while now actually and it felt weird to me to be honest. Maybe that's why I didn't really like the first chapters of the book because I'm not really into this type of books anymore but overall, this was a really cute read that I would recommend if you enjoy reading cute fast-paced romance books.
Spring Tide, by Ki Stephens

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Spoiler This was a really cute fake dating, football player x sports medicine student romance book.

I really enjoyed the complexity of the characters, especially Luka. I felt seen, that's the best way to describe it because while I didn't like some of his actions, I came to realise that I have done and continue to do most of them. Like wanting to figure out things on my own, never accepting help but always being there to help others even if it hurts me. His character holds a special place in my heart.

As for Harper, I really loved how carefree she was. She was described as naive in the book a lot of times by other characters and I'm going to have to disagree. She is not naive, she is just free and I would love one day to have one per cent of what she has. She was a sweetheart and I loved how open she was about everything - which also led to my favourite scenes of her accidentally saying stuff that made Luka freeze and blush. It was hilarious.

One thing I'm kinda iffy about is the ending because it felt a bit rushed, one chapter they're breaking up and need a break, the next they're already talking and making up. I wish we could have seen more about Luka's recovery - how he came to the conclusion to go to therapy, what happened with him and his brother and more.

Overall though, it was a great book that I definitely see myself rereading soon!
Jasper Vale, by Devney Perry

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4.5/5 stars

Another amazing book from Devney Perry! I absolutely devoured this, I just couldn't stop reading it (even though I was supposed to be studying).

After reading Garnet Flats, I was lowkey scared to pick this up because the first had left me a bit... underwhelmed. It was not one of my favourite books in the series but this, this book was so good! I loved Eloise and Jasper so much; their cute soft moments were my favourite like when he hated cuddles but let her cuddle him and in the end, he couldn't sleep without her!! But my favourite was when he called her his wife — I melted every single time.

One thing I didn't like was how stubborn Jasper was in the majority of the book because it almost always hurt Eloise's feelings and my heart broke every time. But I'm gonna have to agree with what he said about her family because I feel like they were treating like she was going to break most of the series not just the book (I've been mad at them since Juniper Hill honestly).

But overall, it's one of my favourite DP books, I definitely recommend this!!