Thomas Taylor

187 books

An Abridgment of Mr. Edwards's Civil and Commercial History of the British West Indies: In Two Volumes, Volume 1

Thomas Taylor, Bryan Edwards

nonfiction history
challenging informative reflective medium-paced

360 pages

An Essay on the Beautiful

Plotinus, Thomas Taylor

nonfiction art classics philosophy
challenging reflective slow-paced

52 pages | first published 1955

Charmides: Large Print


nonfiction classics education history philosophy
challenging reflective fast-paced

34 pages

Christus Relevatus. Id Est Vetus Testamentum Expositum

Thomas Taylor

nonfiction history
challenging informative reflective medium-paced

556 pages

Collection of the Chaldean Oracles

Thomas Taylor

nonfiction religion
challenging medium-paced

90 pages

Cornwall Parish Registers. Marriages Volume 11

W. P. W. 1853-1913 Phillimore, Thomas Matthews Blagg, J. H. Glencross

nonfiction history
challenging informative reflective medium-paced

172 pages

Description of Greece, Volume 1 of 5: Books 1-2 (Attica and Corinth)

Loeb Pausanius

Pausanias, William Henry Samuel Jones

nonfiction classics history
adventurous informative slow-paced

457 pages | first published 180

Easy Selections From Plato (1900)


nonfiction classics literary philosophy
challenging informative medium-paced

156 pages

Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries: A Dissertation

Thomas Taylor

nonfiction mystery philosophy
challenging informative mysterious medium-paced

196 pages | first published 1891

Frankin's Bear

Red Go Bananas

Chris D'Lacey with Thomas Taylor (Illustrator)

fiction childrens technology
adventurous medium-paced

48 pages