James W. Ellison

6 books

Akeelah and the Bee

James W. Ellison, Doug Atchison

fiction childrens middle grade
emotional medium-paced

186 pages | first published 2006

Finding Forrester

James W. Ellison, Mike Rich

fiction contemporary young adult
emotional reflective slow-paced

192 pages | first published 2000

Beyond Borders

James W. Ellison

reflective slow-paced

284 pages | first published 2003

Maid In Manhattan

James W. Ellison

fiction romance
funny lighthearted medium-paced

192 pages | first published 2003

Panic Room

Paul Bénita, James W. Ellison, David Koepp

fiction thriller
informative mysterious tense fast-paced

190 pages | first published 2002

Two Brothers: The Tale of Kumal and Sangha

James W. Ellison, Alain Godard

fiction childrens

186 pages