Bryan Talbot

84 books

9-11, Volume One: Artists Respond

9-11: Stories to Remember #1

John McCrae, Bryan Talbot, Mike Mignola, Liniers, Francisco Solano López, Frank Miller, P. Craig Russell, Joe Casey, Jon J. Muth, Fabian Nicieza, Will Eisner, Enrique Alcatena, Daniel Acuña, Tatiana Gill

nonfiction comics history
adventurous emotional reflective medium-paced

196 pages | first published 2002

Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Bryan Talbot, Michael Moorcock

fiction comics science fiction
adventurous challenging slow-paced

216 pages | first published 1989

A Game of You

The Sandman #5

Bryan Talbot, Dick Giordano, Stan Woch, George Pratt, Shawn McManus, Todd Klein, Colleen Doran, Neil Gaiman

fiction comics fantasy
adventurous medium-paced

192 pages | first published 1993

Alice in Sunderland

Bryan Talbot, A.N. Other

nonfiction comics history
adventurous informative slow-paced

328 pages | first published 2007

An Honest Answer & Other Stories

Neil Gaiman Rarities:Humble Bundle

Bryan Talbot, Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman

fiction comics fantasy
challenging reflective slow-paced

12 pages | first published 1994

Arkwright Integral

Luther Arkwright #1-2

Bryan Talbot, Babbage Engine, Michael Moorcock, Warren Ellis

fiction comics fantasy science fiction
adventurous fast-paced

560 pages | first published 2014

Fables & Reflections

The Sandman #6

P Craig Russell, Neil Gaiman

fiction comics fantasy
adventurous informative medium-paced

264 pages | first published 1990