Louis Simpson

14 books

70 pages first pub 1963 (editions)

nonfiction poetry reflective medium-paced

368 pages missing pub info (editions)

nonfiction literary poetry challenging reflective medium-paced

320 pages first pub 2001 (editions)

fiction poetry challenging reflective medium-paced

95 pages first pub 1982 (editions)

nonfiction poetry medium-paced

648 pages first pub 1972 (editions)

nonfiction poetry emotional informative reflective medium-paced

The March to Love: Selected Poems of Gaston Miron

96 pages first pub 1987 (editions)

challenging emotional reflective medium-paced

468 pages missing pub info (editions)

poetry challenging reflective slow-paced

285 pages first pub 1388 (editions)

challenging emotional reflective medium-paced

416 pages missing pub info (editions)

nonfiction poetry

missing page info first pub 1978 (editions)