Charles Ardai

14 books


Charles Ardai

fiction crime mystery
mysterious fast-paced

333 pages | first published 2008

Great Tales of Madness and Macabre

Charles Ardai

nonfiction childrens horror
adventurous challenging mysterious slow-paced

518 pages | first published 1990

Manhattan Noir

Manhattan Noir #1

S.J. Rozan, Jeffery Deaver, Thomas H. Cook, Charles Ardai, John Lutz, Lawrence Block, Martin Meyers, C.J. Sullivan, Jim Fusilli, Maan Meyers, Carol Lea Benjamin, Robert Knightly, Xu Xi, Justin Scott

fiction mystery short stories
informative mysterious medium-paced

257 pages | first published 2006

The Nice Guys: The Official Movie Novelization

Charles Ardai

fiction crime mystery
dark mysterious tense fast-paced

320 pages | first published 2016

The Return of the Black Widowers

The Black Widowers #6

Harlan Ellison, Charles Ardai, Isaac Asimov, William Brittain

fiction mystery science fiction short stories
challenging mysterious slow-paced

335 pages | first published 1989

Wall Street Noir

Peter Spiegelman, Reed Farrel Coleman, Henry Blodget, James Hime, Peter Blauner, Tim Broderick, Jason Starr, Charles Ardai, Larry Light, Lauren Sanders, Mark Haskell Smith, Jim Fusilli, Twist Phelan, John Burdett

fiction mystery short stories
mysterious slow-paced

270 pages | first published 2007

Gabriel Hunt - Hunt Through the Cradle of Fear

Gabriel Hunt

Charles Ardai

fiction fantasy

336 pages

Hunt Through the Cradle of Fear

Gabriel Hunt #2

Charles Ardai, Gabriel Hunt

adventurous mysterious fast-paced

267 pages | first published 2009

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