Brian Stableford

326 books

Angels of Perversity

Francis Amery, Brian Stableford, Rémy de Gourmont

fiction short stories
challenging reflective slow-paced

176 pages | first published 1992

Architects of Emortality

Emortality #4

Brian Stableford

fiction science fiction
adventurous mysterious slow-paced

356 pages | first published 1999

A Woman Appeared to Me

Gayle Rubin, Jeannette Howard Foster, Renée Vivien

fiction classics lgbtqia+ poetry
reflective slow-paced

116 pages | first published 1904

Balance of Power

Daedalus Mission #5

Brian Stableford

fiction science fiction
adventurous challenging reflective slow-paced

173 pages | first published 1979

Beginning Operations

Sector General #1-3

Brian Stableford, James White

fiction science fiction
adventurous challenging medium-paced

511 pages | first published 2001

Camelot Fantastic

Brian Stableford, Lawrence Schimel, Rosemary Edghill, Martin Harry Greenberg, Nancy Springer, Gregory Maguire, Mike Ashley, Fiona Patton, Ian McDowell

fiction fantasy
adventurous slow-paced

320 pages | first published 1998

Captain Vampire

Brian Stableford, Marie Nizet

fiction classics
challenging dark mysterious medium-paced

168 pages | first published 1879

Champavert: Immoral Tales

Brian Stableford, Petrus Borel

fiction classics short stories
reflective slow-paced

238 pages | first published 1833