Celia Fremlin

41 books

301 pages first pub 1972 (editions)

fiction crime mystery dark mysterious reflective fast-paced

48 pages first pub 2019 (editions)

fiction horror short stories dark slow-paced

704 pages first pub 1979 (editions)

fiction fantasy horror short stories mysterious slow-paced

256 pages first pub 1959 (editions)

fiction crime mystery thriller dark mysterious medium-paced

192 pages first pub 1975 (editions)

fiction crime mystery mysterious slow-paced

190 pages first pub 1984 (editions)

fiction crime short stories dark reflective medium-paced

160 pages first pub 1969 (editions)

fiction horror mystery mysterious reflective slow-paced

Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives: Stories from the Trailblazers of Domestic Suspense

Sarah Weinman

356 pages first pub 2013 (editions)

fiction mystery short stories dark mysterious medium-paced

749 pages first pub 1977 (editions)

dark medium-paced

646 pages first pub 1989 (editions)

fiction mystery short stories adventurous dark mysterious slow-paced