David Busboom

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fiction horror poetry short stories dark medium-paced

192 pages | first published 2018

fiction horror dark fast-paced

64 pages


Let the Weirdness In: a Tribute to Kate Bush

Evan St. Jones with Joe Koch/Joanna Koch (Contributor), Maria Abrams (Contributor), Patrick Barb (Contributor), Die Booth (Contributor), David Busboom (Contributor), Adrienne Clark (Contributor), Wendy Dalrymple (Contributor), Jameson Grey (Contributor), Zac Hawkins (Contributor), Chris Hewitt (Contributor), T. R. Hitchman (Contributor), Sarah Karasek (Contributor), Kirby Kellogg (Contributor), Nikki R. Leigh (Contributor), Remo Macartney (Contributor), Leee McHugh (Contributor), Tiffany Morris (Contributor), Wesleigh Neville (Contributor), Paulette Pierce, Sam Richard, Leo X. Robertson, Madeleine Swann, Tom Thorogood, Katie Young, Susan Vita, Max Turner

fiction fantasy horror lgbtqia+ short stories

missing page info | first published 2022

horror adventurous mysterious slow-paced

166 pages | first published 2018

fiction horror short stories dark medium-paced

134 pages | first published 2011