Al Ewing

222 books

24 Panels

Alex de Campi, Caspar Wijngaard, Ted Brandt, Alan Moore, Al Ewing, Doug Braithwaite, Melinda Gebbie, Kieron Gillen, Tula Lotay

fiction comics short stories
emotional reflective slow-paced

112 pages | first published 2018

All-New Marvel Now! Point One #1

Adrian Alphona, Nathan Edmondson, Dan Slott, Mike Allred, Nick Spencer, Al Ewing, G. Willow Wilson, Lee Garbett, Rags Morales, James Robinson, Steve Pugh, Phil Noto

fiction comics
adventurous slow-paced

52 pages | first published 2014

Avengers: No Road Home

Avengers: No Road Home #1-10

Al Ewing, Mark Waid, Paco Medina, Sean Izaakse, Jim Zub, Yasmine Putri

fiction comics
adventurous fast-paced

256 pages | first published 2019

Avengers: No Surrender

Avengers (2016) (Collected Editions) #4

Pepe Larraz, Kim Jacinto, Al Ewing, Mark Waid, Paco Medina, Jim Zub

fiction comics
adventurous dark medium-paced

352 pages | first published 2018

Avengers: Standoff

Avengers Standoff #1-16

Ryan Stegman, Nick Spencer, Al Ewing, Mark Waid, Mike Norton, Jesus Saiz, Mark Bagley, Gerry Duggan

fiction comics
adventurous dark medium-paced

416 pages | first published 2016

Avengers: Ultron Forever

Ultron Forever #1-3

Al Ewing, Alan Davis

fiction comics
adventurous challenging fast-paced

144 pages | first published 2015

Avengers World, Volume 2: Ascension

Avengers World (Collected Editions) #2

Nick Spencer, Marco Checchetto, Al Ewing, Stefano Caselli

fiction comics
adventurous fast-paced

136 pages | first published 2014

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers, Volume 1: Open for Business

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #1-7

Al Ewing, Luke Ross

fiction comics
adventurous slow-paced

160 pages | first published 2015

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