Ethan Canin

16 books

182 pages first pub 2004 (editions)

fiction short stories emotional reflective sad medium-paced

Granta 45: Gazza Agonistes

Bill Buford

256 pages first pub 1993 (editions)

art essays literary short stories informative inspiring medium-paced

Granta 54: The Best of Young American Novelists

Ian Jack

320 pages first pub 1996 (editions)

fiction literary short stories reflective medium-paced

458 pages first pub 2008 (editions)

fiction contemporary historical politics reflective slow-paced

missing page info first pub 1991 (editions)

fiction literary emotional reflective slow-paced

228 pages first pub 2001 (editions)

fiction historical literary emotional reflective slow-paced

558 pages first pub 2016 (editions)

fiction historical literary adventurous slow-paced

missing page info first pub 2016 (editions)

fiction historical adventurous challenging slow-paced

192 pages first pub 1988 (editions)

fiction literary short stories emotional reflective slow-paced

352 pages first pub 1998 (editions)

fiction literary reflective slow-paced