Katie Hayoz

13 books


Dee Ernst, Ariele Sieling, Sutton Shields, Marijon Braden, Sarah Dalton, H.S. Stone, Anya Allyn, Katie Hayoz, Zoe Cannon, Jamie Campbell, Susan Fodor

fiction fantasy young adult
adventurous medium-paced

295 pages | first published 2014

Immersed: The Immersed Series Book 1

The Clockwork Siren

Katie Hayoz

fiction fantasy
adventurous fast-paced

146 pages

Of Wicked Blood

The Quatrefoil Chronicles #1

Olivia Wildenstein, Katie Hayoz

fiction fantasy romance young adult
adventurous emotional medium-paced

424 pages | first published 2021


Katie Hayoz

fiction fantasy young adult
mysterious reflective relaxing slow-paced

352 pages | first published 2013

Boxed Set: The Clockwork Siren Series, Adventures 1-3

The Clockwork Siren #1-3

Katie Hayoz

adventurous lighthearted medium-paced

336 pages | first published 2016

Ensnared: A Clockwork Siren Series Spinoff

Katie Hayoz

dark mysterious medium-paced

82 pages | first published 2018

Gaslights and Graves

E.B. Black, Lexi Ostrow, Katie Hayoz, Katherine McIntyre, Cara Carnes, Jayne Fury, Melanie Karsak, S.J. Davis

adventurous mysterious medium-paced

935 pages | first published 2018


The Clockwork Siren #1

Katie Hayoz

fantasy romance
adventurous mysterious fast-paced

144 pages | first published 2015

Kissing Clarisse -- a young adult short story

Katie Hayoz

fiction romance short stories young adult
lighthearted relaxing medium-paced

15 pages | first published 2013