Rebecca Gayle Howell

11 books

Hagar Before the Occupation, Hagar After the Occupation

Amal al-Jubouri, Alicia Suskin Ostriker, Rebecca Gayle Howell, Husam Qaisi

nonfiction poetry
challenging reflective slow-paced

160 pages | first published 2011

American Purgatory

Rebecca Gayle Howell

reflective slow-paced

60 pages | first published 2017

Hagar Before the Occupation/Hagar After the Occupation

Alice James Books Translation

Amal Al-Jubouri with Rebecca Gayle Howell (Translator), Husam Qaisi (Translator)

nonfiction poetry

140 pages

Plundering Appalachia: The Tragedy of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Tom Butler, Doug Tompkins, Rebecca Gayle Howell

challenging informative slow-paced

228 pages | first published 2009

Render / An Apocalypse

Rebecca Gayle Howell

emotional reflective medium-paced

88 pages | first published 2013

The Hatchet Buddha

Rebecca Gayle Howell

informative inspiring tense medium-paced

missing page info | first published 2007

The Quare Women: A Story of the Kentucky Mountains

Rebecca Gayle Howell, Lucy Furman

informative reflective medium-paced

160 pages | first published 2019