Joshua Cole

11 books

Western Civilizations: Their History and Their Culture

Robert C. Stacey, Joshua Cole, Judith G. Coffin, Carol Symes

nonfiction history
informative inspiring lighthearted slow-paced

544 pages | first published 2011

Lethal Provocation: The Constantine Murders and the Politics of French Algeria

Joshua Cole

dark tense medium-paced

336 pages | first published 2019

Real Estate Agent 2.0: The Six Figure Success Formula Of Selling Real Estate Like It's Nothing

Joshua Cole

nonfiction business economics

38 pages

Ruins of Glorantha

Joshua Cole, Bryan Steele

adventurous medium-paced

107 pages | first published 2008

The Character Club: It's Time to Power Up!

Joshua Cole with Scott Nista (Illustrator)

nonfiction childrens comics graphic novel

48 pages

The Fox Who Stole Hong Kong

Joshua Cole

adventurous emotional mysterious medium-paced

200 pages | first published 2012

The Idiot's Bible: with The Other Side: My Life in Tucson

Joshua Cole

nonfiction autobiography biography memoir

340 pages