Hunt Emerson

32 books

Dante's Inferno

Hunt Emerson, Kevin Jackson

fiction classics comics
challenging funny reflective slow-paced

88 pages | first published 2012

Fight the Power

Benjamin Dickson, Polyp, John Spelling, Adam Pasion, Hunt Emerson, Sean Michael Wilson

nonfiction history politics
adventurous funny informative slow-paced

176 pages | first published 2013

Lady Chatterley's Lover

Hunt Emerson, D.H. Lawerence

fiction comics
funny reflective slow-paced

64 pages | first published 1986

Seven Deadly Sins

Neil Gaiman Rarities:Humble Bundle

Mike Matthews, Bryan Talbot, Lew Stringer, Steve Gibson, Graham Higgins, Alan Moore, Tym Manley, Roz Kaveney, Hunt Emerson, Mark Rodgers, Dave Gibbons, Davy Francis, Jeremy Banks, Neil Gaiman

fiction comics
challenging funny reflective slow-paced

68 pages | first published 1989

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