Kat Howard

75 books

A Cathedral of Myth and Bone

Kat Howard

fiction fantasy short stories
adventurous slow-paced

368 pages | first published 2019

An Unkindness of Magicians

An Unkindness of Magicians #1

Kat Howard

fiction fantasy
adventurous challenging mysterious fast-paced

352 pages | first published 2017

Apex Magazine Issue 45

Merrie Haskell, Patricia C. Wrede, Kate Elliott, Kat Howard, Sarah Monette, Lynne M. Thomas

fiction short stories
challenging slow-paced

69 pages | first published 2013

Apex Magazine Issue 55

Rachel Swirsky, Maria Dahvana Headley, Daniel José Older, Sandra McDonald, Adam Pracht, Kat Howard, Amal El-Mohtar, Ken Liu, Lynne M. Thomas

fiction short stories
adventurous reflective slow-paced

86 pages | first published 2013

Books of Magic Vol. 1: Moveable Type

Books of Magic (2018) #1-6

Kat Howard

fiction comics fantasy
adventurous slow-paced

200 pages | first published 2019

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 95 (Clarkesworld Magazine, #95)

Julie Nováková, Caroline M. Yoachim, Neil Clarke, Kat Howard, Joseph Tomaras, Susan Connolly, James Patrick Kelly, Naomi Novik, Daniel Abraham, Ian R. MacLeod

nonfiction fantasy science fiction short stories
adventurous challenging reflective slow-paced

140 pages | first published 2014

Fantasy Magazine, October 2014: Women Destroy Fantasy! Special Issue

Sofia Samatar, T. Kingfisher, Delia Sherman, Kat Howard, Nalo Hopkinson, Carol Emshwiller, Cat Rambo, Terri Windling, Emma Bull

fiction fantasy short stories
adventurous challenging slow-paced

318 pages | first published 2014

Fireside Magazine Summer 2012 Issue 2

Stephen Blackmoore, Galen Dara, Kat Howard, Jake Kerr, Steve Walker, Brian J. White, Damien Angelica Walters

fiction short stories
adventurous dark medium-paced

52 pages | first published 2012

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