Christelle Morelli

13 books

Blue Bear Woman

Ouriou Susan, Virginia Bordeleau, Christelle Morelli

fiction literary
emotional informative reflective slow-paced

250 pages | first published 2019

Hunting Houses

Susan Ouriou, Christelle Morelli, Fanny Britt

fiction contemporary
dark mysterious slow-paced

224 pages | first published 2015

Millions for a Song

Andre Vanasse with Susan Ouriou (Translator), Christelle Morelli (Translator)

fiction art childrens music young adult
reflective slow-paced

118 pages


Charlotte Gingras

nonfiction art young adult
emotional slow-paced

264 pages | first published 2008

Stolen Sisters: An Inquiry into Feminicide in Canada

Susan Ouriou, Christelle Morelli, Emmanuelle Walter

nonfiction feminism true crime
challenging informative reflective slow-paced

256 pages | first published 2015

The Golden Glow

Susan Ouriou, Benjamin Flouw, Christelle Morelli

fiction childrens nature
adventurous inspiring lighthearted slow-paced

42 pages | first published 2017

Against God

Susan Ouriou, Patrick Senécal, Christelle Morelli, Nora Alleyn

reflective fast-paced

120 pages | first published 2010

Jane, the Fox, and Me

Susan Ouriou, Isabelle Arsenault, Christelle Morelli, Fanny Britt

fiction comics young adult
emotional lighthearted fast-paced

104 pages | first published 2012

Languages of Our Land/Langues de Notre Terre: Indigenous Poems and Stories from Quebec/Poemes Et Recits Autochtones Du Quebec

with Christelle Morelli (Translator)

nonfiction classics literary poetry
challenging reflective medium-paced

180 pages