Geoffrey Household

18 books

Dance of the Dwarfs

Geoffrey Household

fiction horror mystery thriller
adventurous mysterious fast-paced

160 pages | first published 1968

Rogue Male

Rogue Male #1

Geoffrey Household

fiction crime mystery thriller
adventurous dark mysterious medium-paced

182 pages | first published 1939

The Exploits of Xenophon

Geoffrey Household, Leonard Everett Fisher

nonfiction history
adventurous informative fast-paced

180 pages | first published 1955

Watcher in the Shadows

Geoffrey Household

fiction mystery thriller
mysterious fast-paced

176 pages | first published 1960

Against the Wind: An Autobiography

Geoffrey Household

informative medium-paced

238 pages | first published 1958


Geoffrey Household

informative fast-paced

312 pages | first published 1948

A Rough Shoot

A Rough Shoot #1

Geoffrey Household

fiction crime thriller
dark tense fast-paced

125 pages | first published 1951

Arrows of Desire

Geoffrey Household

adventurous dark tense slow-paced

135 pages | first published 1985