Anthony Bourdain

60 books

608 pages first pub 2004 (editions)

nonfiction biography travel funny medium-paced

128 pages first pub 2018 (editions)

fiction comics horror dark mysterious fast-paced

138 pages first pub 2019 (editions)

nonfiction biography travel funny informative medium-paced

341 pages first pub 2002 (editions)

nonfiction food and drink informative inspiring lighthearted medium-paced

295 pages first pub 2008 (editions)

nonfiction essays travel adventurous funny lighthearted fast-paced

165 pages first pub 2002 (editions)

fiction crime mystery funny mysterious fast-paced

304 pages first pub 1995 (editions)

fiction crime mystery mysterious fast-paced

288 pages first pub 2001 (editions)

nonfiction food and drink memoir travel adventurous informative lighthearted fast-paced

255 pages first pub 2008 (editions)

nonfiction memoir funny informative inspiring slow-paced

256 pages first pub 2010 (editions)

nonfiction reference informative lighthearted medium-paced