César Aira

48 books

280 pages first pub 1980 (editions)

fiction horror dark mysterious tense fast-paced

The Divorce

César Aira

96 pages first pub 2010 (editions)

fiction literary magical realism emotional reflective medium-paced

88 pages first pub 2000 (editions)

fiction art historical adventurous challenging reflective medium-paced

176 pages first pub 2020 (editions)

fiction historical literary reflective medium-paced


César Aira

139 pages first pub 1990 (editions)

fiction fantasy challenging reflective slow-paced

The Hare

César Aira

224 pages first pub 1991 (editions)

fiction historical adventurous challenging reflective slow-paced

315 pages first pub 1932 (editions)

nonfiction memoir travel funny reflective slow-paced

352 pages first pub 1991 (editions)

nonfiction history travel challenging informative reflective slow-paced

160 pages missing pub info (editions)

fiction literary reflective medium-paced

440 pages first pub 1994 (editions)

nonfiction philosophy challenging informative reflective slow-paced