Joshua Palmatier

27 books


Violette Malan, Stephen Blackmoore, Tanya Huff, Blake Jessop, S.C. Butler, Eleftherios Keramidas, Zakariah Johnson, Leah Ning, Aimee Picchi, James Enge, Seanan McGuire, Joshua Palmatier, Jason Palmatier, Marjorie King, Thomas Vaughn, Nancy Holzner

fiction fantasy horror science fiction
adventurous dark medium-paced

220 pages | first published 2020

Guilds & Glaives

Violette Malan, David Farland, Jenna Rhodes, S.C. Butler, Howard Andrew Jones, Ashley McConnell, James Enge, Joshua Palmatier, D.B. Jackson, R.K. Nickel, Esther M. Friesner, Gini Koch

fiction fantasy short stories
adventurous fast-paced

283 pages | first published 2018

Leaves of Flame

Well of Sorrows

Joshua Palmatier, Benjamin Tate

fiction fantasy literary
adventurous dark fast-paced

408 pages

Reaping the Aurora

Erenthrall #3

Joshua Palmatier

fiction fantasy
adventurous challenging mysterious slow-paced

464 pages | first published 2017

Second Round: A Return to the Ur-Bar

Ur-Bar #2

Garth Nix, Jacey Bedford, Kari Sperring, Jean Marie Ward, Kristine Smith, Juliet E. McKenna, Patricia Bray, Joshua Palmatier, Diana Pharaoh Francis, R.K. Nickel, Gini Koch

fiction fantasy short stories
adventurous lighthearted slow-paced

257 pages | first published 2018